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And, Maurice, remember: Is there any complete LaTeX manual?
No, there isn't - there are lots of books on different levels,
most of them keep errors or describe old or obsolete packages or

Yes, there is some reference books
LateX from Lamport
A guide to Latex 2e
which all are **suffisant** to do complete scientific documents
- mathematiques (not mathxml, which has never be done for beeing written by hand!)
- biblio (m-bib)

The latex reference book is very small because it does't describe
any extension.
A ConTeXt reference book would be much like an uptodate
cont-eni.pdf manual. It would be comparable to the couple
"LaTeX Lamport + Latex Compagnon"

For me, some of the top documentations are : gettingStartWithContext LaTeXtoContext.pdf refcontextbook (alias cont-eni for the 8.3 system) metafun-s.pdf the m-bib module and its doc the m-nath module and its doc up-004.p.pdf for table

But the reference cont-eni.pdf doesn't talk about math nor biblio.
Also there is several means to do tables, and it seams
that the two main context reference documents (gettingStart and
cont-eni.pdf) doesn't talk about the same table system.
Morever, neither of them talk about the last most supported
table system which seams to be enattab.pdf!!

And every latex package has its own docs that you should read - some
are books itself (e.g. komascript).
Doen't know about it, doen't need it, so I'm glab it is not in
the latex manuals :-)

So there's a lot more in the "basic" ConTeXt manual than in most
LaTeX books! Sure, it could always be more & better...
I agree that the whole plethora of single docs isn't really
overviewable. But otherwise they're a nice demonstration of
ConTeXt's capabilities - and I guess Hans meant them to be.

It's a good thing that additive fonctionnalities, or full reference of specialised features are not included in the standard manual, I've never asked that the metafun book should be include in the contextbook!

I think the simplest thing to do is a to make a lite introduction
documentation for use as a guide about which docs should be seen
as reference (which table to use, how to to biblio, ...)

Also, I think yet that a litly modified version of the
contextbook.pdf, by adding the new table, nath and biblio
module, should be sufficiant for most peoples.

A year ago, I thought that context could become the
real "latex3" project,
But now, I think that the context is missing for some
universities support (latex developpers, user documentation
for students, ...).
An uptodate documentation could help!


-- Maurice

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