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Hi Hans,

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No.  I already did that.  I want that the

| \subject{Victoria Beckham pregnant again!}
| Barack Obama is the father! Confronted with this fact, her husband
| David Beckham said\,\dots (Actually, this is a very important news the
| world should knew about!)

part of my minimal example gets typeset.  By now, it doesn't.  To me
that looks like a pretty big bug in ConTeXt.

columnsets can indeed loose content depending on how you finish them

How can I finish a columnset so that it doesn't loose content?

\page after the stopcolumnset

also, as luigi remarked, chapter might somehow interfere if it is set up to start with a new page

this might be improved in future versions depending on (also) luatex
dev which gives me some more info


well, keep in mind that tex itself has no concept of columns at all and that all heuristics (and unpredictable cases) have to be dealt with in macros (and developing that is quite timeconsuming)


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