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> frbr (the ontology) describes a person as equivalent to foaf:Person
> [1] which seems to confirm my opinion.

Actually, the way I read it, FRBR and FOAF are entirely different  
realms, although it is possible that FRBR:Person could be contained  
within foaf:Person. FRBR states that it does not attempt to define  
persons EXCEPT as they relate to bibliographic description, which  
means that it does not exist to describe every person on a social  
networking site (which FOAF does).

> Are you saying that there is a usable distinction between:
> 1. a bibliographic record, and
> 2. the data contained in that bibliographic record?

Yes, and it is usually referred to as "administrative data" -- that  
is, data about the record (who created it, when it was last updated),  
rather than the data about the subject of the record. Sometimes that  
is contained within the record, sometimes it is contained in a  
wrapper, as in METS and OAI.


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