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> Are you talking about the FOAF and FBRR [1] RDF schemas?

No. I'm talking about the properties that each has defined. I have a  
comparison here:


The vocab.org FRBR schema was NOT developed by the folks who created  
FRBR and, IMO, it exhibits some misunderstandings of the intentions of  
the actual developers. So consider that one person's interpretation.  
IFLA, the "owner" of FRBR, is in the process of defining the  
properties and classes here:


The Person class does not define it as equivalent to FOAF.

I know that there are folks who feel that the vocab.org FRBR should be  
the one used, but it is very different from what IFLA is creating, so  
we find ourselves with two FRBR's that are only superficially the  
same. Since IFLA is the maintenance agency for FRBR (and FRBR has  
changed since the vocab.org version was created and will change even  
more when integrated with FRAD and FRASAR), I believe that we should  
take its version seriously.


> From the FRBR schema, I read:
>   frbr:Person rdf:type owl:Class
>               owl:equivalentClass foaf:Person .
> I am not sure of the exact semantics of equivalentClass in OWL, but it
> seems to mean that a FRBR person is the same as a FOAF person. (Of
> course the authors of the (unofficial) FRBR schema [1] are not
> necessarily correct on this question.)
> best, Erik
> 1. http://vocab.org/frbr/core.html

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