I'm trying to build OsmAnd, including the latest core.  I've followed these 
instructions so far, and they appear to be working.  However, this results 
in a build of "core-legacy", which i notice has completely different code 
to the master branch of OsmAnd-core 
<https://github.com/osmandapp/OsmAnd-core>.  However, core-legacy also 
outputs "Native ok" followed by some rendering information, which is the 
behaviour shown by the lastest install (2.4.6) from f-droid.  I.e. the 
latest release is using core-legacy.

Is the master branch a new core that isn't stable enough for release yet (i 
notice the github has quite low activity)?  To be able to compile with the 
master branch core, do i simply follow the build instructions in the 
OsmAnd-core readme, then cd to android/OsmAnd and run "gradle 
assembleDebug"?  (Forgive me for asking without trying, but compilation 
takes all day and i'm still building the one with core-legacy!)

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