Well, *IF* I was running Pentax (and yes, I know I'm not), what actual customers who bought previous models had to say about them would be "my" starting point for developing new models and for improving older ones.

What did "we" get right? What did "we" get wrong? What do the customers say they want and are waiting to buy? I understand that granting everything on the customer's wish lists would be impossible, but the engineers should be at least thinking about them.

I'm sure Pentax knows that; I think that's what Mr. Takashi Arai was trying to explain.

Plus, I think you have to account for the interviewer's bias in favor of "mirrorless" cameras and what role it played in how the article was edited & what they chose to quote from the longer interview.

Basically, Takashi Arai said Pentax (& Ricoh) are sticking with what they already do well and aren't going to neglect those things to go off chasing rainbows & unicorns ... for now.

On 4/8/2018 02:42, mike wilson wrote:
I suppose another interpretation might be that Pentax doesn't _receive_ much
feedback on new model direction but mostly on existing models.

On 07 April 2018 at 18:39 John <sesso...@earthlink.net> wrote:

The impression I got when the K-1 Mark ii was announced was that the improvements were driven (in part) by customer feedback and that feedback
was also the reason for the "upgrade" being available for existing K-1's

On 4/7/2018 11:00, Alex Sarbu wrote:
I see, thank you for the clarification. However, I disagree with your interpretation; it can't possibly mean that. We have paragraphs like:
"We have lots of requests for lenses, especially from K-1 users. They
want more lenses that match the higher resolution of the K-1, so that’s
one objective which we would like to implement.", or "This form factor is
iconic for the Theta. We think it’s important. On the other hand, if
there is demand, we would like flexibly to think about any other
possibilities, even for other form factors." telling the complete

Actually I'm not sure what he meant... but let's not forget, he's a
Japanese speaking in a foreign language. Maybe they decided on the
upgrade because of the feedback? Maybe people are offering feedback on
the upgrade? But it can't be not incorporating our feedback into new
products... the K-1 itself was made because we demanded it.

OTOH... people's demands are all over the place, often mutually
exclusive. Listening doesn't mean meeting all our requests.


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