I get good results matching the D FA 150-450 with the DA 1.4X converter. It’s a 
very sharp combination and provides 630 mm reach. The converter causes minor 
vignetting but most of my bird photos are crops anyway. When I do need the full 
frame, I can clone out the vignette quite easily. I’ve also used the 150-450 
with the A2X S converter. It’s manual focus of course, but the focus aids on 
the K-1 work well, so even my old eyes can usually focus on a small bird. And 
900mm reach is a boon at times.

> On Apr 9, 2018, at 10:14 AM, Gonz <rgonzoma...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sure its very nice at about 450mm with that convertor, but it
> shows my point that you have to get one used.  Pentax is not making
> them anymore.  I have a A* 300 2.8 with a 1.4x tele, but sometimes the
> reach is not enough.  It was barely enough for the solar eclipse
> recently.  A 600 would have been much better. And I know that the DA
> 560 can be used full frame, though there is going to be some amount of
> vignetting with its image circle.  I don't know how bad though.  Wide
> is where I really could use a prime.  they are making some pretty wide
> full frames out there, but never in Pentax mount.  I have an old Sigma
> 15-30 that is somewhat adequate, though I would ideally like a prime
> so that its widest aperture could afford better milky way shots.
> On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 6:37 PM, Ken Waller <kwal...@peoplepc.com> wrote:
>>> Where are the nice full frame birding lenses?
>> Gonz , you couldn't ask for a better birding lens than the 300mm f4.5 FA -
>> that along with a HD-DA 1.4 AF rear convertor gives you a a powerful birding
>> lens - check out the images on the Pantax Gallery.
>> I've had one ever since they came out and it is one of my most used lenses -
>> has never given me any trouble.
>> Yeah, I know its not available new but I do see them used from time to time.
>> Kenneth Waller
>> http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/kennethwaller
>> ----- Original Message ----- Subject: Re: Sounds like Pentax/Ricoh's
>> resources are spread pretty thin...
>>> I don't expect Pentax to be releasing mirrorless cameras rivaling
>>> Sony's or anyones for that matter. Or I don't expect them to produce a
>>> camera aimed at the professional sports photographer market. But their
>>> particular niche, which I would say is aspiring amateur photographers
>>> that like small form-factor cameras with lenses that are not
>>> necessarily the sharpest, but take a more balanced approach to the
>>> overall look of the images, seems to be more and more encroached by
>>> the likes of Sony, Fuji, etc.  In addition, things that are nice to
>>> have, like a nice flash, teleconverters, etc. are pretty much
>>> non-existent or exist only in old versions that you have to turn to
>>> ebay to acquire.  Finally, the dearth of new lens offerings from
>>> Pentax, esp nice primes suitable for full frame digital with modern
>>> autofocus, basically have stopped coming with the exception of the 50
>>> later this year.  Where are the nice full frame birding lenses?  Or a
>>> prime wide angle?  The real sign however is the lack of support from
>>> third parties. Everytime a nice lens comes out from Sigma, or some of
>>> the newer players such as Laoa, the Pentax version is not there.
>>> Given the lack of new primes coming from Pentax, I would love it if
>>> Sigma art series lenses were available for the K-1, but alas, few are.
>>> I thought for sure the enthusiastic response from the photog community
>>> to the K-1 would have resulted in more investment from Ricoh to keep
>>> the momentum going, but it appears that they have pulled back instead.
>>> On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 9:12 AM, John <sesso...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>>> Well, *IF* I was running Pentax (and yes, I know I'm not), what actual
>>>> customers who bought previous models had to say about them would be "my"
>>>> starting point for developing new models and for improving older ones.
>>>> What did "we" get right? What did "we" get wrong? What do the customers
>>>> say
>>>> they want and are waiting to buy? I understand that granting everything
>>>> on
>>>> the customer's wish lists would be impossible, but the engineers should
>>>> be
>>>> at least thinking about them.
>>>> I'm sure Pentax knows that; I think that's what Mr. Takashi Arai was
>>>> trying
>>>> to explain.
>>>> Plus, I think you have to account for the interviewer's bias in favor of
>>>> "mirrorless" cameras and what role it played in how the article was
>>>> edited &
>>>> what they chose to quote from the longer interview.
>>>> Basically, Takashi Arai said Pentax (& Ricoh) are sticking with what they
>>>> already do well and aren't going to neglect those things to go off
>>>> chasing
>>>> rainbows & unicorns  ... for now.
>>>> On 4/8/2018 02:42, mike wilson wrote:
>>>>> I suppose another interpretation might be that Pentax doesn't _receive_
>>>>> much
>>>>> feedback on new model direction but mostly on existing models.
>>>>>> On 07 April 2018 at 18:39 John <sesso...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>>>>> The impression I got when the K-1 Mark ii was announced was that the
>>>>>> improvements were driven (in part) by customer feedback and that
>>>>>> feedback
>>>>>> was also the reason for the "upgrade" being available for existing
>>>>>> K-1's
>>>>>> On 4/7/2018 11:00, Alex Sarbu wrote:
>>>>>>> I see, thank you for the clarification. However, I disagree with your
>>>>>>> interpretation; it can't possibly mean that. We have paragraphs like:
>>>>>>> "We have lots of requests for lenses, especially from K-1 users. They
>>>>>>> want more lenses that match the higher resolution of the K-1, so
>>>>>>> that’s
>>>>>>> one objective which we would like to implement.", or "This form factor
>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>> iconic for the Theta. We think it’s important. On the other hand, if
>>>>>>> there is demand, we would like flexibly to think about any other
>>>>>>> possibilities, even for other form factors." telling the complete
>>>>>>> opposite.
>>>>>>> Actually I'm not sure what he meant... but let's not forget, he's a
>>>>>>> Japanese speaking in a foreign language. Maybe they decided on the
>>>>>>> upgrade because of the feedback? Maybe people are offering feedback on
>>>>>>> the upgrade? But it can't be not incorporating our feedback into new
>>>>>>> products... the K-1 itself was made because we demanded it.
>>>>>>> OTOH... people's demands are all over the place, often mutually
>>>>>>> exclusive. Listening doesn't mean meeting all our requests.
>>>>>>> Alex
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