Gonz, I entirely agree with you.
Ever since I owned the K-1 I am looking for a wide angle lens for landscape work, preferably as a prime. Something in the range of 20 or 24 mm. But there is nothing in the line of Pentax except the FA 15-30/2.8 which is about the price of the K-1 itself. I'm glad to still own an old Sigma 24/2.8 macro which is doing fairly well except for flare. A few months ago I bought a very cheap old Cosina MC 19-35 /3.5-4.6 to get a bit wider. I know there are some TP manual wide angle lenses being offered (Samyang, Venus, Irix) but going back to all manual is not the way I want. Further I wonder who will be interested in another 50 mm lens except a few 50 collectors. There are still plenty of 50/2.8 macro and FA 50/F1.4 around to do the job, and I doubt whether the new 50 will beat my Pentax F 50/2.8 macro on sharpness.


Op 2018-04-09 om 00:54 schreef Gonz:
I don't expect Pentax to be releasing mirrorless cameras rivaling
Sony's or anyones for that matter. Or I don't expect them to produce a
camera aimed at the professional sports photographer market. But their
particular niche, which I would say is aspiring amateur photographers
that like small form-factor cameras with lenses that are not
necessarily the sharpest, but take a more balanced approach to the
overall look of the images, seems to be more and more encroached by
the likes of Sony, Fuji, etc.  In addition, things that are nice to
have, like a nice flash, teleconverters, etc. are pretty much
non-existent or exist only in old versions that you have to turn to
ebay to acquire.  Finally, the dearth of new lens offerings from
Pentax, esp nice primes suitable for full frame digital with modern
autofocus, basically have stopped coming with the exception of the 50
later this year.  Where are the nice full frame birding lenses?  Or a
prime wide angle?  The real sign however is the lack of support from
third parties. Everytime a nice lens comes out from Sigma, or some of
the newer players such as Laoa, the Pentax version is not there.
Given the lack of new primes coming from Pentax, I would love it if
Sigma art series lenses were available for the K-1, but alas, few are.
I thought for sure the enthusiastic response from the photog community
to the K-1 would have resulted in more investment from Ricoh to keep
the momentum going, but it appears that they have pulled back instead.

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