On 4/9/2018 8:45 AM, Paul Stenquist wrote:
Pentax released four bloated zooms with the K-1 or just slightly prior to its 
release. I was quite happy with that decision, because it meant that I could 
cover al my focal length needs for now and gradually add some primes. And the 
zooms seem to be at least the equal of last generation primes in terms of 
sharpness and definition.

Right you are. Apparently wearing mittens against this unending winter is affecting my ability to count on my fingers. I wasn't unhappy with the decision because it indicated that Ricoh was, at least, taking things relatively seriously, even though I would have preferred a series of thoughtfully spaced out primes. The zooms are nice, but for my taste, far too large, and I'm not much for zooms anyway.

What I am finding really dumb is people lambasting Ricoh because their pet focal length isn't the first one to be released without looking at the logic behind the release. Would I be unhappy if they let out a 20mm or an 85mm first? I wouldn't be as happy as I am that they are releasing my pet focal length first (sometimes it pays to be a one man profit center for a company, it seems), but I wouldn't be pissing and moaning on various forums about it either. At least I can say that here. I got ran off the forum of Pentax neurosis on a rail by their fucktard moderation team for saying much the same thing.


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