I'm expecting it to be more like the Big Bad Wolf and the little piggy living in the "house of sticks".

Looks like the mandatory evacuations are starting to affect some inland counties. If I-40 hasn't been switched to all westbound traffic already, it will be soon.

This is the first major hurricane to hit North Carolina since I retired from the National Guard. Feels kind of weird to not be on standby, waiting for the call to report for duty.

On 9/12/2018 14:55, Igor PDML-StR wrote:

Good luck, John!
Those hurricanes ain't fun.

We've lived through a few major ones here, in TX, but we are some 100 miles 
  My cousin lives NE of Wilmington, along US-17.
He is out of town, and he is scheduled to fly back on Sunday, coming back from a long trip. At this point, he is not sure if he'd be able to, and what he'd find at his house.

Speaking of "loosing [your] roof", - in several Eastern European cultures, when someone's "roof was blown off" or "roof slid off" that means he/she lost his mind/head, went cuckoo.  Also, "[my] roof is sliding off" often means that I am overwhelmed with all the problems I am dealing with.

So, stay safe cool and keep your roof intact! :)



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