Good luck!

> On 11 Sep 2018, at 04:23, John <> wrote:
> Up to Category 4 this afternoon. Current predicted track is straight up I-40 
> from Wilmington. AFAIK, the only Cat 4 storm to hit NC was Hazel in 1954.
> Florence is more or less on the same predicted track as Fran back in 1996 
> (and Hazel in 1954 although there was no I-40 back then).
> Hugo was Cat 4 when it made landfall at Charleston, SC. I've seen some 
> reports Florence may reach Cat 5 before it hits. We've never had a Cat 5 here 
> AFAIK. Hurricane Floyd was Cat 2 when it hit (September 16), but it stalled 
> and dropped 19 inches of rain on top of the 15 inches of rain from Dennis 
> (September 4)
> I have my generator gassed up, so I should be able to keep my refrigerator 
> going. I've got 5 gallons of water and my chain-saw is gassed up. I've got my 
> camp stove with 3 bottles of gas so I think I'll be able to feed myself.
> If the power goes out I won't have internet, so if you don't hear from me for 
> a while you'll know why.
> It ain't lookin' good. I hope I don't lose my roof again.

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