best wishes, make sure you have non perishable food in case the fridge goes down.
and more water.

On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 23:22:50 -0400, John <> wrote:

Up to Category 4 this afternoon. Current predicted track is straight up I-40 from Wilmington. AFAIK, the only Cat 4 storm to hit NC was Hazel in 1954.

Florence is more or less on the same predicted track as Fran back in 1996 (and Hazel in 1954 although there was no I-40 back then).

Hugo was Cat 4 when it made landfall at Charleston, SC. I've seen some reports Florence may reach Cat 5 before it hits. We've never had a Cat 5 here AFAIK. Hurricane Floyd was Cat 2 when it hit (September 16), but it stalled and dropped 19 inches of rain on top of the 15 inches of rain from Dennis (September 4)

I have my generator gassed up, so I should be able to keep my refrigerator going. I've got 5 gallons of water and my chain-saw is gassed up. I've got my camp stove with 3 bottles of gas so I think I'll be able to feed myself.

If the power goes out I won't have internet, so if you don't hear from me for a while you'll know why.

It ain't lookin' good. I hope I don't lose my roof again.

J.C. O'Connell
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