My intent is to hunker down here unless there is an urgent need to go help family/friends.

I've been through this a few times before. I have a pretty good idea where the flooding will be & I have routes planned out to avoid it if I do have to go out.

I've been in this house through five hurricanes* that affected the Triangle area. Only Fran did any major damage. I'm expecting wind & rain damage to my roof similar to what Fran did, and I expect the power to go out and not be restored for several days.

On 9/11/2018 20:24, Stan Halpin wrote:
If you venture out, avoid flooded roads! From the sound of things, you’ll be
without power and internet for a while. Let us know when you have
connectivity again. Stan

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*Diana, Hugo, Fran, Dennis & Floyd ... and maybe two more (Isabel & Frances) that came while I was mobilized for Iraq. Didn't notice any damage when I got home, but I think they did pass through the area while I was gone.

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Pretty sure my previous reply bounced or will bounce since I sent it from my Earthlink account which is UN-subbed. Should have changed over to RoadRunner to send my reply.

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