On 13/9/18, John, discombobulated, unleashed:

>Just checking in. I had to sit down & rest for a minute.
>Starting to see some intermittent extreme outer bands of wind and rain
>at the radar). I expect the outer edge of the main storm won't get here until 
>around midnight or later.
>Still got some outdoor work to do, mostly securing yard furniture,
>trashcans & 
>such. I also have some materials I need to move inside into the
>basement. Should 
>be able to get all that done in between rain storms.
>I've been organizing my tools, getting them sorted & lined up where I
>can get to 
>them quickly if I need them. Also still trying to get a last bit more done on 
>the kitchen before my focus has to completely turn to whatever damage the 
>hurricane is going to do.

Thanks for the check in mate - keep em coming! We're reading...



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