Gabor Szabo writes:

> As you - the trainers - encounter such people quite often I wonder
> what do you currently use during training?

My current job doesn't involve training, but previously we did public
training on Linux (Gnome), and installed every editor we could find in

Most users ran Vim out of choice; some preferred one of the Emacsen or
even Pico/Nano (which we definitely didn't recommend).  For users not
already familiar with a Unix editor we suggested GEdit or Kate.

> What do you recommend to your students?
> I for one usually cannot give them vi or emacs as they don't know
> either of those.

It's less of a problem when delivering in-house training.  Some
companies have standardized on a particular editor; others let
individual developers choose.  At Microsoft (where, unsurprisingly, I
was teaching on Windows) some of the class chose gvim.exe or other
appropriate editors, but the most popular editor chosen, for coding in
Perl, was Notepad.

A susprising number of organizations make their developers use vi (or a
clone) but the staff haven't learnt it and are quite inept at it.  This
is very useful as a trainer: it provides plent of opportunities to see
somebody struggling with vi and point out a shortcut they didn't know.

Bonus tips which make an attendees' life easier, but which aren't on the
topic the training is supposed to be about (like vi on a Perl course),
seem to make them happy.  And happy attendees generally make the
training (and the feedback) better.


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