On 18 Aug 2008, at 15:31, Gabor Szabo wrote:

As you - the trainers - encounter such people quite often I wonder what do you currently use during training? What do you recommend to your students?

I for one usually cannot give them vi or emacs as they don't know
either of those.
In my classes they are usually using Notepad++.

I actually use Eclipse with the EPIC plugin for my perl courses.


Eclipse is a bit heavyweight, but it actually works out pretty well. I don't have to spend much time going over how to use shells / consoles as they can do all of the work from within eclipse. It also makes it really easy to access perldoc whilst writing their programs.

The IDE is pretty good as well. It has interactive highlighting, variable name completion, and will identify errors as they type. In earlier versions of the plugin it used to be a bit of a pain running a new script for the first time, but they've improved this in later releases.

I've noticed that even when shown something like emacs later on, most of the students tend to stick with using eclipse.



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