"Gabor Szabo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So I have a new little project called Padre to become an IDE for
> Perl.

Although I extremely appreciate your work (and I'm very impressed by
the results you got in such a short time) I personally would take one
of the existing (pluggable, flexible, extendible) IDEs and add good
Perl support to it.

My current choice would be to use Eclipse with EPIC. And if EPIC does
not do what we want/need, to put energy in EPIC.

> The immediate response of most of them was that they don't need any
> IDE as they are ok with vi or emacs.

There's a big difference between seasoned perl developers, and people
that are taking their first course on Perl... The first group knows
how to use their tools, the second often doesn't.

-- Johan

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