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Background:  I contacted Ali Samadi about the copyright status of
the dictionary data that he's advertising on his site.  I claimed
that the data is from the AryanPour dictionary.  Ali said that he
will remove the dictionary until the status is cleared by Massoud
Hashemi that has been the source of Ali's data.  Later I found
the dictionary back on Ali's site, and contacted him again.  He
forwarded Massoud's offensive message to me.  So I decided I
should reply on list.  --  Not surprisingly, there is no email
address from Massoud Hashemi on the web.

Hi Ali,

I'm not talking about the year the website or applications have
been launched, but the data in dictionary.  No one can deny that
the AryanPour dictionary is done by Dr AryanPour and his
brothers.  Massoud can still say that he has been the source of
computerized data.  Do you believe that he has gathered the
information himself?  Or perhaps he payed a typist to type the
AryanPour dictionary?  You are being ignorant if you simply say
"I don't care".  It is important to differentiate between a
computer software, and a computerized text, and the data itself.
In a computer dictionary software, the valuable data is the words
and meanings, eg. the dictionary data, not the computer program
that is written in FoxPro, Perl, CGI, etc.

Second, he says that he does not know me.  That may be true.
But if he would have moved his fingers and do a Google search on
my name, he would probably get some sense.  Still I don't know
why does it matter at all.

I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Toronto,
living in Toronto, Canada.  I can't see how his observations on
Sharif University and people in Iran applies to me.

Next, using pirated software in Iran is completely legal.  The
software copyrights of any country other than Iran is NOT valid
in Iran (yet).  On the other hand, the data in a dictionary IS
copyrighted by Iranian laws.

Last but not least:  I do have a WinXP Pro valid license, sold to

I leave the final decision to you.


PS.  At least now we have someone that claims have been the
source of infringing copyright of AryanPour dictionary data!  I
would contact AryanPour's lawyer about this as soon as I'm back
in Tehran ;).

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Ali Samadi wrote:

> well, i attach my request to Massoud and his Answer to me on this
> Letter, for me the story is now finished.
> Ali
> Ali Samadi Ahadi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Massoud i used the File wich you send it to me. and it is allready
> Online on:
> http://home.tiscali.de/ali.samadi/Downloads.html
> But i got an e-mail from Behdad Esfahbod. he is saying, that your Data
> file is copy of Aryanpoor Dictionary. Is that true? Because i don´t
> want to harm anybody's copy-write, i would be happy about a quick
> answer.
> Greetings Ali
> Massood Wrote:
> Hey Ali,
> I don't know him (Esfahbod) but seems his information is not true.
> If you check most of  sites like www.farsidic.com or even
> www.aryanpour.com you will find creation date are after 2002! I wrote
> dictionary program in Sharif university 1988 with foxpro and that time
> i put on BBS of Shabeke Data that was for ministry of communication.
> When i came to USA in 1999 i wrote a cgi and put on my friend homepage
> Dr. Pedram Safari on Math.Columbia.Edu Server. Form that time to now i
> gave data and program to 10-20 developer like schoolnet in sharif and
> they use with same web design. I tell you a story, foxpro doesn't
> accept CHR(141) that is Alef Bakola like Aab, so data on that program
> has no alone A, and if you look at these sites you will find who copied
> from whom :)) so feel free to use data and program. You are a developer
> and you try to help others, don't listen to people that they just talk.
> Words are for People. These people copy any program for outside of iran
>   and put in web site like windows and .. (go look at sharif edu ftp
> site) somebody should tell them JUST SHUT UP. There is no copyright law
> in iran so you can copy even $10,000 software for $1 and is funny when
> somebody talk about copyright there.
> Am 23.02.2004 um 05:48 schrieb Behdad Esfahbod:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Any news on the source of the dictionary files?  I thought you
> > said you're going to remove the link from your page until further
> > acknowledgement.
> >
> > I'm considering linking to your site from my paper on Persian
> > Computing with Unicode.
> >
> > behdad
> >

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