Hi Behnam,

My problem is that:  There are people announcing an
English-Persian dictionary Free to download, but, I, the Linux
user that likes a dictionary on his machine, cannot use the same
data.  Why?  Because the Mac distributer has simply closed his
eyes on the copyright status of the data.  Again, I said, I would
not mind if Ali puts a proper note about the copyright status of
the data below the download link in his site.

But the main point, Behnam, is that, it's not a friendly game
that you say Ok let him do it or not.  You are being generous by
spendings someone else's efforts!


On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Behnam wrote:

> In the middle of nowhere, suddenly a heated discussion (from the
> middle!) was dumped on list members!
>  From what I understand, this is about copyright issue with regard of
> Arianpoor dictionary.
> Well, the printed version has been around for many years now and
> Arianpoor brothers should be the sons of the original author. It's been
> updated regularly and this is maybe carried on by the sons. The
> electronic version as I understand, is widely available on the internet
> for PC users.
> What Ali is trying to do is to provide to Macintosh users the same
> tools and utilities that are freely available for PC users. The issue
> of copyright should be discussed in another level and finger pointing
> to such a small community of Persian computing for such a large issue
> doesn't solve any problem and frankly it's not fair. Ali is not the
> source of copyright infringement (if there is any) and he provided the
> source of his database.
> All Ali wants to do is to provide some level of facilities to Mac users
> that PC users take them for granted.
> For grand social issues let's start with grand market. Iranian
> Macintosh User Group is too young, too small and too fragile - and by
> its singularity- too visible and shouldn't be targeted for such issues.
> Behnam
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