On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 18:35, Ali Samadi wrote:
> iÂm just asking my self that when you are talking about 
> doing write and wrong thing,

Behdad was not talking about right and wrong. He was talking about legal
and illegal. Copyright is considered bad by many people (me including),
but copying other people's work is illegal in certain situations.

> did you ever thought about asking me for a 
> permission to put my forwarded mail in a Public mail-List?

This is for Behdad to answer, and it can't be undone easily
unfortunately, but we can remove the email from the archives if you ask.
As for mailing list policy, the maintainers appreciate asking for a
sender's permission before forwarding a message to the list. One may
lose his posting rights if he insists on repeating this, and we will
agree to the removal of such a message from the archives, if anyone

> Any way, i think if it is 
> your wish, try to find out the truth.

I believe it's also a problem for you. You may be doing illegal stuff
(namely copying someone's copyrighted work without his permission), and
you may want to avoid it to prevent yourself and your redistributers to
be taken to court one day.

> Try to do what you think is the best

Ali, Behdad may not be doing an ethically bad thing by forwarding a
personal email to a public list, but he's giving you good legal advice
on copyright matters. A developer, specially a free software developer,
should know these matters, or ask people who know these things for
advice. Otherwise, free software users will be taken to court, simply
since they have trusted you when you said nobody but Massoud Hashemi
claims copyright on the data file.

a guy from "sharif edu"

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