On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Ali Samadi wrote:

> Hi Behdad,


>   i´m just asking my self that when you are talking about
> doing write and wrong thing,

As Roozbeh already said, I didn't talk about doing write or
wrong.  I left the decision to you.

>  did you ever thought about asking me for a
> permission to put my forwarded mail in a Public mail-List?

Yes, I definitely thought.  But later I thought so what?  He
simply ignored me and bought Mossoud's rants and didn't replied
me back about his decision.  You were only enough nice that
replied my mail.  But in that reply you sent me Massoud's mail,
saying without words "I don't care.  Here's you and him".  And I
only forwarded it to the list because he has insulted Iranian
people in general, and a few people in particular that I know he
knows in person:

  * Mr Reza Mahjurian, the ex-administrator of SchoolNet project.

  * Dr Yahya Tabesh, the head of Computing Department at Sharif
University of Technology

  * Mr Ali Khanban, that I've seen they have jointly released one
of those dictionaris (I may be wrong a bit, but not quite).

>  The second
> thing, I have no idea who you are and what you are looking for and to

You keep asking this.  I've already said that I'm this student at
that university.  If you want to know about my income and who I
sleep with, you are free to search internet for that too.  Ok,
I'm a proud Free Software developer.  Perhaps the most influental
Iranian Free Software developer ever (not counting FarsiTeX
developers, as I'm talking about global influence, not local to
Iran).  Ok?   And about what I want, no, I don't want money to
shut up X-(.

> be honest , i think that is not my problem.

And that's exactly my problem with you!  I'm a Free Software
developer, and you are putting us Free Software developers in
problem by advertising your dictionary Free to download, while it
is not really Free.  I would be fine if you put a note like "I
don't know about the copyright status of the data in this
dictionary, download at your own risk".  Still you are
distributing copyrighted data without permission.

>    Any way, i think if it is
> your wish, try to find out the truth.

To be honest, it is YOU that should find the truth, because you
are the one distributing software.  Right now, I decided to try
my best to see what I can get out of this without spending a
dollar and too much time.

> Contact the Colombia University,
> Mr. Safari, try to contact every body you want but, and maybe if you

I would definitely do that.  Mr Safari is a reasonable man.

> are really interested in truth contact Mr. Hashemi directly!

I guess I said that I couldn't find his address at the first
place.  Please send me his address.

>  i think
> you should be careful, to find out the truth is one thing but to
> denunciate people is something different.

Seems like you still have the illusion that I'm looking for the
truth and it's me that should know the truth.  No, I know the
truth.  Same for almost everyone else in this list.  It's YOU
that should understand and take the truth, but you are hiding
your head in the deep snow :(.

>  Just imagine your reproaches
> against Mr. Hashemi are wrong! You never contacted him directly, just
> imagine that the mail i send it to you was not from mr. Hashemi but
> from myself?

It cannot be the case, because the technical references he gave
is out of your information.

>  Are you going to apologise also in that Mail List for your
> doing?

Do you really have a doubt???

> Try to do what you think is the best

That's why I'm following this thread that has absolutely no
benefit for me.  Please please please, just think a minute about
what you are doing.


> Ali

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