On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 20:23, C Bobroff wrote:
> Do they not know or care?

There have been examples of weird court rulings in Iran in case of
copyright, because some religious publishers, by asking the question in
a tricky way, had led Ayatollah Khomeini into issuing a Fatwa that can
be interpreted by the same people as "copyrights are against the essence
of Islam". You can guess the rest.

There is also the problem of the maximum penalty, which in the case of
normal intellectual property (forgive the term), like books and movies,
is not criminal, so you can not get much by taking the matter to court.
(That is not true with the Software Copyright Bill, which includes some
jail sentences as a maximum penalty.)

> But what is their story? Have they ever spoken on this subject?

Their story is the story of every author in a country with a problematic
court system. Where you can't trace the original mass copier because of
the corruption.


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