At 16:38 21/3/2001, Thies C. Arntzen wrote:
>     i fully agree to sascha. plus i see no real reason to include
>     a new module once we are in "release-process". new modules
>     are by default not "producition-stable" so why hurry to
>     include them in a "official-release"?

For wide exposure.  SAPI modules will not get very far without it.

>     the no. 1 (and maybe only goal) for a release should be
>     stability and well tested functionality IMHO.

Stability is irrelevant with new modules - they did not exist before, so 
they can't be less stable, and figuring whether their addition breaks PHP 
is trivial, and would be discovered in a second if they manage to do that 
somehow.  New modules are no different from any of the unstable modules 
that exist in PHP, and there are plenty of them.


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