Zeev Suraski wrote:
> Stability is irrelevant with new modules - they did not exist before, so
> they can't be less stable, and figuring whether their addition breaks PHP
> is trivial, and would be discovered in a second if they manage to do that
> somehow.  New modules are no different from any of the unstable modules
> that exist in PHP, and there are plenty of them.

The point is, why did this issue come up in the first place?
The time between releases is large, and the time in RC-branch is small.

If it's so important that this module makes it in (which I can agree with),
then I'm surprised it wasn't brought up when you first announced that
PHP-4.0.5 would be out soon (which was a good bit of notice before RC).

If it was a time issue, it wouldn't have hurt to delay the RC by a week or
so until all the features were in, after all this time waiting for it :-)


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