I don't get it.  So if it was two weeks ago, a second before I said 
"4.0.5RC1 is out" it was ok, and now it isn't?  It doesn't make any sense.

Code changes are one thing.  Bugs that originate in code changes (whether 
they're new features, bug fixes or rewrites) may take very long time to 
find.  The sad truth is that there's actually a good chance they won't be 
found even if there isn't a single line of code changed during the entire 
release period.  That's just the nature of software bugs.  The more people 
test, and the more time they get to test it - the better.  Obviously, 
though, every release only gets 'truly' tested once it actually hits the 
road and undergoes mass distribution.  We just try to maximize the chances 
of making it safe.

New modules do not significantly increase the chances of messing up the 
release.  Furthermore, if they do mess up the release, it's trivial to find 
that out.  Nothing of what was said on php-dev/php-qa in this thread 
contradicted it (it doesn't mean that the build process is not important or 
anything;  it does mean that it's trivial to determine whether it got 
messed up or not by a new module).  Because of the clear gain vs. 
negligible loss, when Ben approached us and asked whether it's ok to put it 
in 4.0.5, knowing that there's another RC coming up in a couple of hours - 
we said that it's fine.  If it's going to take changing RELEASE_PROCESS to 
'allow' this to keep things quiet, then we should do it.  We shouldn't 
consider RELEASE_PROCESS as the bible, but as guidelines to work by and 
improve on as we gather experience.


At 03:26 22/3/2001, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
>The point is, why did this issue come up in the first place?
>The time between releases is large, and the time in RC-branch is small.
>If it's so important that this module makes it in (which I can agree with),
>then I'm surprised it wasn't brought up when you first announced that
>PHP-4.0.5 would be out soon (which was a good bit of notice before RC).
>If it was a time issue, it wouldn't have hurt to delay the RC by a week or
>so until all the features were in, after all this time waiting for it :-)

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