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>>>> 2009/7/9 Tony Marston <t...@marston-home.demon.co.uk>:
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>>>> The first newsgroups I visited after getting my first PC not only 
>>>> allowed
>>>> top posting, they actively encouraged it, yet no-one complained if
>>>> someone
>>>> put their post on the bottom. They were tolerant, you see, because it
>>>> didn't really matter.
>>>> Your intolerant attitude on this issue shows just what a small-minded
>>>> person
>>>> you are.
>>>>> I reckon it's the same with
>>>>> the way you arrange your messages to this list. Top-posting is a lazy
>>>>> and selfish way to "contribute" to the list,
>>>> That is opinion, not fact. Other newsgroups allow top posting, so why 
>>>> not
>>>> this newsgroup? Just because someone says so? That's simply not good
>>>> enough.
>>> Tony,
>>> The only thing I don't agree with here is the name calling.
>> I called him "intolerant" because he jumps on issues which other people 
>> just
>> don't care about.
>> I called him "small minded" because he concentrates on small issues which
>> simply don't matter in the great scheme of things. That sounds like fair
>> comment to me It's just like those people who have endless arguments 
>> about
>> when to use uppercase and when to use lower case. It simply doesn't 
>> matter,
>> so stop wasting your time in arguing about it.
>>> Daniel is
>>> a pretty darn bright guy here, and I feel that slighting him because
>>> of an established convention is not the best approach to dealing with
>>> this. We are all voluntary participants on this list and we all make
>>> valuable contributions to the PHP community.
>> Irrelevant. It does not matter how much good work anybody does if they go
>> and ruin it by trying to enforce some inconsequential petty rule.
>>> Conventions were implemented to make things easier for participants to
>>> view a standard thread in the list.
>> The conventions in other newsgroups are different, and I can't be 
>> bothered
>> to change my habits for different newsgroups just becase some internet 
>> Nazi
>> says so.
>>> We don't have to like it, but that
>>> is no reason to digress into a pissing match over how the rules are
>>> not sensible to any specific point of view.
>> No, I don't like stupid rules, which is why I choose not to obey them.
>>> I have found that moving
>>> to the gmail client makes the rules more sensible as that is how gmail
>>> displays the emails. Both hotmail and outlook make this tougher as
>>> they don't logically display the thread. Might I suggest that you try
>>> using gmail (some one posted that your client was outlook which is why
>>> I suggest this)? Its a pain, if you have a history with the list that
>>> you store on your machine, but it might be worthwhile exploring.
>> So not only are you dictating how I post, you are also dictating which
>> newsreader I should use? How arrogant!
> No, Tony, not dictating at all. Merely sharing my experience. It may
> or may not work for you, but that is for you to decide.

I've decided. It doesn't work for me. End of story.

Tony Marston

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