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>> The first newsgroups I visited after getting my first PC not only allowed
>> top posting, they actively encouraged it, yet no-one complained if 
>> someone
>> put their post on the bottom. They were tolerant, you see, because it
>> didn't really matter.
>> Your intolerant attitude on this issue shows just what a small-minded 
>> person
>> you are.
>>> I reckon it's the same with
>>> the way you arrange your messages to this list. Top-posting is a lazy
>>> and selfish way to "contribute" to the list,
>> That is opinion, not fact. Other newsgroups allow top posting, so why not
>> this newsgroup? Just because someone says so? That's simply not good 
>> enough.
> Tony,
> The only thing I don't agree with here is the name calling.

I called him "intolerant" because he jumps on issues which other people just 
don't care about.

I called him "small minded" because he concentrates on small issues which 
simply don't matter in the great scheme of things. That sounds like fair 
comment to me It's just like those people who have endless arguments about 
when to use uppercase and when to use lower case. It simply doesn't matter, 
so stop wasting your time in arguing about it.

> Daniel is
> a pretty darn bright guy here, and I feel that slighting him because
> of an established convention is not the best approach to dealing with
> this. We are all voluntary participants on this list and we all make
> valuable contributions to the PHP community.

Irrelevant. It does not matter how much good work anybody does if they go 
and ruin it by trying to enforce some inconsequential petty rule.

> Conventions were implemented to make things easier for participants to
> view a standard thread in the list.

The conventions in other newsgroups are different, and I can't be bothered 
to change my habits for different newsgroups just becase some internet Nazi 
says so.

> We don't have to like it, but that
> is no reason to digress into a pissing match over how the rules are
> not sensible to any specific point of view.

No, I don't like stupid rules, which is why I choose not to obey them.

> I have found that moving
> to the gmail client makes the rules more sensible as that is how gmail
> displays the emails. Both hotmail and outlook make this tougher as
> they don't logically display the thread. Might I suggest that you try
> using gmail (some one posted that your client was outlook which is why
> I suggest this)? Its a pain, if you have a history with the list that
> you store on your machine, but it might be worthwhile exploring.

So not only are you dictating how I post, you are also dictating which 
newsreader I should use? How arrogant!

Tony Marston

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> Bastien
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