"Eddie Drapkin" <oorza...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
>> I called him "intolerant" because he jumps on issues which other people 
>> just
>> don't care about.
>> I called him "small minded" because he concentrates on small issues which
>> simply don't matter in the great scheme of things. That sounds like fair
>> comment to me It's just like those people who have endless arguments 
>> about
>> when to use uppercase and when to use lower case. It simply doesn't 
>> matter,
>> so stop wasting your time in arguing about it.
> And it's not just as small minded (I'm not agreeing with you, by the
> way) to assume that your point is the only valid point in the
> discussion?

I never said that my point is the *only* valid point, just that it is a 
valid point. I don't complain about other people and their bottom posting 
(which I consider to be a bit anal, if you get the pun!) so stop trying to 
force me to conform to your petty rules.

>  Nor is it just as small minded to systematically attack
> someone, and the community they take part in, because they have the
> audacity to disagree with you?

I am not attacking, I am defending. There is a slight difference.

>> Irrelevant. It does not matter how much good work anybody does if they go
>> and ruin it by trying to enforce some inconsequential petty rule.
> It's obviously not inconsequential, as you're making such a fuss about
> it.  If it's so inconsequential, why not bottom post and be done with
> it?

If it's so inconsequential then stop complaining about it.

>> The conventions in other newsgroups are different, and I can't be 
>> bothered
>> to change my habits for different newsgroups just becase some internet 
>> Nazi
>> says so.
> Congratulations, rule-abiding denizens of php-general, we're now all
> Nazis!

I'm not saying that every person who reads this newsgroup is a Nazi, only 
those who take great delight in dictating how people should use *their* 

> Way to invoke Godwin, by the way, it clearly always wins these
> internet argu-debates and doesn't make you look like a loon at all.
> I'm going to take this opportunity to jump on the "no more respect"
> bandwagon.
>> So not only are you dictating how I post, you are also dictating which
>> newsreader I should use? How arrogant!
> "I don't like your rules, rules that existed before I got here and
> will exist after I leave and are agreed on by the community, so I'll
> not follow them!" is one of the most arrogant things I've ever seen on
> this list.  He was making a suggestion, ffs, and you just want to be
> an ass and take everything personally.  You're making an entire
> mountain range out of the proverbial molehill.

It is *you* who are making a mountain out of the no-top-posting molehill.

Tony Marston

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