I've decided. It doesn't work for me. End of story.

This has become way off topic (call me a Nazi if you will :)) and has
not, until now, been appropriately marked in the subject line.

Mr. Marston has posted here for a long time and has always had a burr up
his butt about rules. Several folks over the years have been given grief
about top-posting, snipping, off-topic posts, ad infinitum.

Tony, if it doesn't work for you that is fine, your responses may end up
in /dev/null/ of several of those here reducing your odds for getting
worthwhile responses. There is an accepted method for usenet style lists
that have been in place (and POSTED in numerous locations for all to
see) since the dawn of said lists. It is precisely why web forums bottom
post for you, we all read from top to bottom more easily. Additionally
there is a well respected and humorous web site dedicated to asking
smart questions that most everyone here has read or been directed to at
one time or another. If those rules are inconsequential to you I think
you will find your responses to be more and more inconsequential to

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