Tony Marston wrote:

I called [Daniel] "intolerant" because he jumps on issues which other people just don't care about.

By "other people" you can only mean yourself, since the number of
people disagreeing with you here on this list keeps increasing.

I called him "small minded" because he concentrates on small issues which simply don't matter in the great scheme of things.

You've been told four times at least, top posting interferes with
threading for this list and it's been brought up a couple of times
at least, top-posting encourages leaving all the trailing dross. Like
dingleberries that you are too lazy or ignorant to clean away.

You also said to Stuart, but may as well have meant for all who've
posted in favor bottom-posting on this list:

Your intolerant attitude on this issue shows just what a small-minded person you are.

With multiple valid reasons and increasing numbers supporting the
status quo for this list, you've thus-far persisted in calling it
an arbitrary rule that need not be followed. That seems pretty
small-minded indeed, for the 30-year professional you claim to be.


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