I'm sure those who've been on this list a while muttered "here we go
again..." when this thread started. Personally I think if there was a poll
about this the bell curve would have some on the left demanding we all top
post, many on the right of the curve demanding we all bottom post, and a
solid bulge in the middle representing the great unwashed "couldn't give a
damn" folks (and probably "couldn't give a damn" to enter the debate). On
the very few occasions I've had anything to contribute I've generally bottom
posted, mostly because I've seen this debate before and partly because I
think it's easier for some people, but I'd place myself in the middle of the
bell curve. I think most people on this list are more than smart enough to
quickly figure out the thread in a post regardless whether the previous
person top posted or not. Most of the regular responders bottom post which
makes up the bulk, but I think if you look at the variety of people who post
it's about 50/50, and most times it doesn't cause any problem at all. I
agree that rules are important, but some are more important than others, and
I think the top-posting rule is pretty low in the list of priorities, more a
useful guide than a rule. Things like personal attacks and attempted mail
spoofing are more important - both happened during the course of this thread
but hardly raised an eyebrow. I also agree that context plays a big part,
because once a thread starts getting complicated with many responses then
bottom posting definitely makes it easier to follow, but most threads don't
get to that stage. Just my 2c.


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