Everyone understands that Zend has to eat, but so do most of us small
developers.  I have no problem with them charging for their products.  IMO
they would make more money if the pricing for the encoder would be less.
This is a fundamental feature that most of us need.   I would offer a Pro
version of the Zend Studio and bundle the encoder with it for abou $500.
This would enable Zend to capture a significant market share among PHP
developers withoug breaking the bank.

Just a thought...

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> > >>>So...
> > >>>Is this equivalent to Zend Encoder?
> > >>
> > >>Not exactly, but in some aspects it is/will be better like the ability
> > >>to generate executable standalone PHP programs that you can distribute
> > >>independently. There is also the question of the price that for Zend
> > >>Encoder is ridiculously expensive.
> > >>
>  The people for Zend have to eat to live.
> People, if there is no Zend there is no core for PHP. This is the same as
> with MySQL. MySQL is free under GPL
> but has no subselects because the companies that has commercial licenses
> didn't wanted that - Monty has
> to eat and he codes other features.
> IMO Zend must exist and this is only possible by selling its products.
> If the company we work for has the money to buy Zend Accelerator licenses
> why not do that instead of using
> other Open Source accelerators. I just want the people from Zend to
> their tremendous work and
> we will have PHP5 and PHP6 and so on otherwise start learning ASP or JSP.
> My 2 cents.
> Regards,
> Andrey
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