I feel like you want Zend to develop things for free like they develop
Zend Engine. I think it is right for them selling Zend Encoder and IDE.
Companies still trust these products more than the free packages you
mentioned. Do not forget, PHP is running on Zend.

There is really a lot of money involved in developments. If, by some
means, I would need to hide a source, I would look at my business model,
and, if I got extra $3.000 budgeted to spend on development I will spend
them for Zend Encoder instead of resorting to Open Source protecting
solutions. Because, the product to protect my intellectual property
would be chosen by the responsibility of its manufacture.

I think you will agree with me, Open Source is a high quality code, but
its support is not. Open Source is never supported with the
business-level responsibility as Zend would do.

About Zend CEO. I personally have attended a business meeting with Doron
(CEO) and Zeev in Tokyo last year in June. And, I must tell you, we all
had very good impression of them.

If, Manuel, what they do does not make you happy - that is only your

Just remember, that, the future e-business will not consist of software
development, but of its support. And Zend primarely supports PHP.


Maxim Maletsky

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