First I don't know who Nick is, never meet him and just stumbled onto his
project.  He created phpa ( and is used by
yahoo.  He has built the encoder ( from his
experience in phpa so it being in beta or not is up to you to evaluate.

Now a correction.  The minimum is $0.50 to encode.  Obviously it wouldn't
make sense to encode per file since you could just put all your scripts in
one file so the encoding is based on the complete source size.  As an
example (this is on his site), all of squirrelmail would of cost $25 to
encode and then you could sell as many times you want.

Now why would you encode?  Rasmus thinks it's evil but I'm sure some of us
have been stiffed on projects.  So it's a good protection since it allows
you to put into your program a check that the domain name is registered for
use by you.  Something like:

if (domain_name is in my database_registration)
  let them use the admin page
  they get locked out

You can obviously add that into your programs now but by encoding your
program then no one can hunt it down in your source and erase it since it's
encoded.  This is why I don't think encoders are evil (be it zend or
php-encoder) and just because you encode your project doesn't mean people
won't share their knowledge.

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On Sunday 04 August 2002 15:53, David Freeman wrote:

>  > Now that Nick has released the free
>  > accelerator and an inexpensive ($0.50 per shot) encoder it
>  > might change but I don't know if it's too late.
> Great for Nick (whoever he is).  $0.50 isn't necessarily cheap though.
> I have one of my own web sites with about 50 php pages on it.  That
> would be $250 to encode just one website.  Ten similar web sites and
> you're talking $2500.  That's getting up towards what Zend charges isn't
> it?

$0.50 x 50 = $25.00

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