There is a free php accelerator so I don't know why you would pay for one.

The same guy (Nick) has also just made an encoder.  It is in beta testing
right now and there's no windows version yet but that should be coming soon.
I think it's like $0.50 to encode your program which is much more

I think the problem with zend is that they have put up the guise that php is
an opensource project but to actually use it in production you had to pay
several thousands every year for the accelerator and the encoder.  It kinda
feels like a bait and switch to me which is why I personally think zend is
bad for php.  Just do a search for jobs for asp, cf or jsp.  There are a ton
of jobs for these languages and you would be lucky to find one for a php
developer.  So zend rakes in the money and does no real marketing with that
money for php is the way I see it.

You'll never hear anything from the core php group since they are a tight
click so it's business as usual.  Now that Nick has released the free
accelerator and an inexpensive ($0.50 per shot) encoder it might change but
I don't know if it's too late.

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Everyone understands that Zend has to eat, but so do most of us small
developers.  I have no problem with them charging for their products.  IMO
they would make more money if the pricing for the encoder would be less.
This is a fundamental feature that most of us need.   I would offer a Pro
version of the Zend Studio and bundle the encoder with it for abou $500.
This would enable Zend to capture a significant market share among PHP
developers withoug breaking the bank.

Just a thought...

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Subject: Re: [PHP] Re: Protect PHP coding

> > >>>So...
> > >>>Is this equivalent to Zend Encoder?
> > >>
> > >>Not exactly, but in some aspects it is/will be better like the ability
> > >>to generate executable standalone PHP programs that you can distribute
> > >>independently. There is also the question of the price that for Zend
> > >>Encoder is ridiculously expensive.
> > >>
>  The people for Zend have to eat to live.
> People, if there is no Zend there is no core for PHP. This is the same as
> with MySQL. MySQL is free under GPL
> but has no subselects because the companies that has commercial licenses
> didn't wanted that - Monty has
> to eat and he codes other features.
> IMO Zend must exist and this is only possible by selling its products.
> If the company we work for has the money to buy Zend Accelerator licenses
> why not do that instead of using
> other Open Source accelerators. I just want the people from Zend to
> their tremendous work and
> we will have PHP5 and PHP6 and so on otherwise start learning ASP or JSP.
> My 2 cents.
> Regards,
> Andrey
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