On 08/03/2002 10:44 PM, Justin French wrote:
>>>The people for Zend have to eat to live.
>>And don't we all? That is the main problem. If we need to pay USD $3,000
>>to be able to compile our PHP programs, doesn't that make not viable for
>>most of us to sell our PHP programs as closed source?
> How much money do you make a week writing PHP scripts?  Just remember, Zend
> gave you PHP, for free, to use in almost any commercial way you wish.

I don't live from writing PHP scripts, that is the problem. I give away 
many PHP scripts often in the form of ready to use PHP Classes, but 
besides from that I have plenty of sophisticated code that I am not 
interested to give away in Open Source because I would be disclosing the 
know-how that is embedded in it. That is regardless whether I wanted to 
give or sell the code.

I also know many people that would like to protect their PHP code so 
their ISPs could not peek on it.

> My clients cant afford Zend, but when the right client comes along, it'll be
> my recommendation without hesitation.

That is your problem. Most people I know are like your clients, they 
can't afford the greedy prices of Zend.

I often recommend using APC in MMAP mode that automatically stores 
compiled files in disk, so you can protect their source code for free.


Manuel Lemos

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