On Apr 23, 3:42 pm, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I hadn't forgotten. Given how very difficult it is for anyone to build
> on windows, it would be useful for anyone to be able to pick up the
> latest from the latest automated build. I think the way it is now
> actually makes it next to impossible for users. And they could pick up
> the released one from here i.e. as a file on phpsoa. And I don't agree
> that dll would not have been verified - we wouldn't check in without
> running our unit tests. What more than that do we do before a release?
> It would need us to be careful about versions and backward
> compatibility but that seems doable.

I did reply to this yonks ago, but gg didn't post it ...

I do agree there's a problem for users who really do want the latest -
but maybe because you've been working with some of them recently they
may be looming larger in your mind than the 3,985 (I just looked) who
have apparently downloaded the 5.2 php_sdo.dll from pecl4win. I'd
guess that few of them are even aware of this group. Most people just
go to pecl4win to get their extension dlls, so I'm uneasy about a
change that expects sdo users to get their dll somewhere else.

Actually I do quite a bit more when I create a release, in particular
testing with different platforms and PHP releases. There are many
reasons why builds and tests will fail for others even if the
developer thinks they have done due diligence on their checkin.
Compiler differences and other environment differences, assumptions
about dependencies and absolute file paths, and partial updates are
just a few of them. Even then, our tests check only a small fraction
of the behaviour, and we can have no idea which behaviour, intended or
unintended, users may be exploiting. So I think it's important, at
least for the SDO part of the project which is considered stable, to
have checkpointed and identifiable versions.

I think we could really improve the situation by getting out releases
more often. There's a tendency to hold back waiting for the next new
feature or fix, and too much time goes by with a backlog of changes
waiting to go. Let's try to get a bit tougher about this and get the
releases out anyway.

I've already talked elsewhere in this thread about two possibilities -
either enhancing pecl4win or exploiting the binary package support in
pear. (We also need to automate sdo versioning via the build config,
but we need to do that whichever way we go.) What do you think of
these options?

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