> I set most values as they are in your output. However, there are also
> some values not covered by def.c, because I took them directly from the
> include files. These concern the ranges
>   TM_SEC   .. TM_YEAR
> Could you check if they are correct?

Give me a day or two for this. I will definitely do it over the
weekend. Want to be careful here as I will grep everything to make
sure. I have replaced the values you mentioned in the next email...

>> > For the "src64/sys/*.code.l" files, things are a bit more tricky. I
>> > usually worte short test programs in C, and then inspected them with
>> > 'objdump -S'. I don't know how this works out in OpenBSD.
>> Will you please send the test programs?
> Unfortunately, I don't have a definite test progam. It was more an
> interactive search, writing code snippets, or disassembling other
> programs with 'gdb'.
> So I now wrote a short "code.c" program (also attached). Can you compile
> this with
>   $ gcc -S code.c
> and send me the resulting "code.s"? I'll see if it helps me to extract
> what is needed.

Thanks , here it is attached.

>> Do you need ppc64
>> too after amd64 works? I can ask somebody on porting list to give me
>> the output for ppc64. They are a friendly bunch when in the right
>> mood.
> That's good to hear. For now, I would say, we better try to get x86-64
> running first, and then tackle ppc64.

Cool thanks!

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