Hi Amit,

> Running into compile problems... somewhat similar to what Renaud
> reported today in the oneiirc thread. I will detail it later tomorrow.

Interesting that OpenBSD's 'gcc' behaves the same way.

Please download the new "picoLisp.tgz" from yesterday. It contains the
fix in the order of command line arguments to 'gcc', the same way as for
Linux, so the linker problems should be gone (I hope).

Also, we had some discussion about the OpenBSD version yesterday in IRC.
We found problems with the stdin, stdout, and stderr definition, and I
inserted some 'equ' statements for that into

   > (equ stdin  "$__sF")
   > (equ stdout "$__sF+128")
   > (equ stderr "$__sF+256")

I'm not sure if 128 is really sizeof(FILE). Could you verify that, and
use the correct value if necessary?

I think we are getting near :)

- Alex
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