Hi Amit,

> Thanks, I will do it tomorrow and report everything together. i.e the
> ranges from before and your final result!

Yesterday, I released another testing version, where OpenBSD is fully
incorporated now. Also in "src64/Makefile", which changed a bit to be
more extensible for new targets, and which now allows direct
(cross)build of "*.s" files by giving a target like

   $ make x86-64.openBsd

Except for that, everything should work as before.

> ELF is used everywhere except for some exotic arches for OpenBSD, I
> don't know exactly so I won't be able to answer.

OK, that's good news.

> But AFAIK, amd64/x86/macppc/sparc/sparc64/loongson (loongson is mips)
> all use ELF.


- Alex
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