Hi Amit,

thanks for the fixes!

I've put them into "src64/sys/x86-64.openBsd.defs.l" so far, and made a
new release.

> SIGIO is a killer, on Linux it is equivalent to SIGPOLL but its BSD
> thing which was copied over by Linux, and is not POSIX...

Yes, the same problem was with SunOS, iirc. It is used only by the
'sigio' function, and not really mission-critical.

> I hope they are good. Is there a regress suite which I can run to
> catch any missed problems? :-)

Yes, now to the interesting part :)

We should find out if it (partially or all) works.

If you have build "bin/picolisp", you could first run the interpreter
to see if anything works:

   $ (cd src64; make)
   $ ./pil +

And, if everything looks good, run the unit test suite:

   $ ./pil lib/test.l $(/bin/pwd) -bye +

It prints a final "OK" if all right.

- Alex
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