On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 2:58 AM, Jeronimo Pellegrini
<j.pellegr...@randomnode.info> wrote:
> I use it mostly for automating tasks in Unix systems (particularly
> fun in small devices running Linux).

Likewise!  I am a system administrator. I first thought of Lisp as a
suitable language when the White Glove Linux distributions from
www.all.net included a Lisp interpreter, mostly for those who wanted
to do weird socket stuff from a command line.

Then came a 2600 issue that had an article on newLISP, and I came
across PicoLisp because of a post in lambda-the-ultimate. So I use it
for small stuff too and am in the process of developing a more serious
internal project with it (people who hate LDAP reinvent it using their
favorite programming language)..

Granted, the typical system administrator / postmaster has not read
SICP, nor do they fancy Prolog, but then again many use Emacs and I do
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