Alexander Burger schrieb:
> OK, I understand.
> The language is not useful or usable, and the "Community" (I count 70
> members in this list) is silent.

Oh oh ...

Alex, your conclusion is not necessary true. If most are silent that has
not to mean, they conclude with Henrik. At least me, if I do not like
something, or I am feeling it is dead, I will unsubscribe.

The lack of libraries may be a problem from time to time, but PicoLisp
has also to offer a lot, like its DB with Pilog, its Web-Framework, its

Often people need a language that allow for quick and dirty development.
So lacking a library could be a show-stopper for them, as they are not
willing to spend time to develop what they need. They want to throw
together basic components to build a new app they can use. Perhaps for
them, PicoLisp is not an alternative.

But if you want to develop a coherent, portable app, with storage backed
up by a DB with an elegant query language (Pilog) that does not need
much resources -- PicoLisp may count in!

I am interested in PicoLisp as you know. I've tried to use it for my
in-house project. Unfortunately I couldn't not, not cause by lacking any
library, but as my co-workers do not know Lisp and are very reluctant to
learn yet another language beside C++, Java and Ruby used for most of
our tools.

So this may be another reason -- PicoLisp is a Lisp. You know, that
language with a lot of silly parentheses ... ;-)

Anyway, happy new year and please keep up with your nice language. It is
not mainstream, but it has its place!!!


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