Erik Gustafson
<> writes:

Hi Erik,

>     I find the combination of sound & picolisp very interesting
> Me too! One of my long term goals is to write audio software in
> PicoLisp. Gotta have the most dynamic language for one of the most
> dynamic human processes ;)

after reading the replies here and reconsidering the mentioned tools I
think I will just use MMA for now, its written in Python and has a
simple syntax and abstracts away all the sound creation stuff. 

What I was looking for was probably something similar, but as a
(Pico)Lisp, i.e. a real programming language not only for
implementation, but to write down the music - instead of text syntax.

I don't want to have to build the guitar before I strum a chord, so to
say, and the other tools described require so much effort to bring them
up and master them.

Thanks for you answer.



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