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On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 12:04:06PM -0500, Erik Gustafson wrote:
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> > It might work on 'emu'. We must just keep in mind that 'native'
> > calls under emu cannot pass more than 6 arguments to a function.
> >
> I was wondering about this, as Macs are the standard in the music world.
> I'd also like to get my Rasperry Pi and similar devices speaking OSC
> through PicoLisp. Just gave it a roll with 'emu' on my laptop (a ThinkPad

Raspberry and PicoLisp are fine, but only pil32 of course.

For 'emu' I see a speed problem, because that little machine is not the
fastest. On the other hand, most things will happen in the OSC libs, so
the interpreter speed doesn't matter much.

I think it would be better to write native glue functions for pil32.
That is, either a shared library (in the same way the built-in shared
libraries "lib/ext" and "lib/ht" are build) or inline-C code with the
'gcc' function (as an example, see "misc/crc.l" in the PicoLisp distro).

♪♫ Alex
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