Hi Erik,

> I'm working on my first PicoLisp library, native C bindings for Liblo. What
> I have so far, which is enough for the most basic use case, can be found at:
>   https://github.com/erdg/picolisp-osc

Thanks for sharing this!

> Now I'm wondering if this is a worthwhile path to pursue. I like the idea
> of using the PicoLisp DB, as one could be able to query a bunch of OSC
> servers and their methods, keep a log of messages sent/received, etc., all
> from PicoLisp. But the whole thing could be terribly redundant as far as
> memory use is concerned(?)

I think the memory use should not be a problem here.

A small note about the places where you assign a value to 'ptr':

   (=: ptr
       (liblo~ffi ...

This works, because 'ptr' is defined as a plain number property

   (rel ptr (+Number))

without any entity/relation side effects. But if you make, for example,
an index later

   (rel ptr (+Ref +Number))

then it will break because the index will not be maintained when a value
is assigned.

So in general, you should use 'put>' to assign properties to entities:

   (put> This 'ptr
      (liblo~ffi ...

♪♫ Alex
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