Well done Erik!

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 4:34 PM, Erik Gustafson <erik.d.gustaf...@gmail.com>

> Hi List,
> I'm very excited to announce that the redesigned PicoLisp
> wiki is now running on the server! Have a look:
>    http://picolisp.com
> In my (slightly biased) opinion, PicoLisp has one of the
> coolest programming language websites out there now. It's
> sleek and modern and should be very accessible from any
> device. Changes to the code base were minimal (mostly
> CSS), so it still works great with text-based browsers
> as well.
> But don't let the new paint job fool you. The wiki has
> much more to offer! I spent a lot of time going through
> the mail archives, finding the most helpful threads and
> turning them into new articles. I've tried to organize
> the documentation to be most helpful to newcomers, to
> set them on a clear path from beginner to lisp wizard.
> I'd love any feedback. How's the design feel? The copy?
> I tried my best to incorporate all the feedback I got
> from the initial homepage mockup I posted a few months
> ago.
> Note that there are still some rough spots in some of
> the articles/pages. I plan to fill that out in the
> coming weeks and continue to refine the content,
> hopefully with your help! As such, please hold off on
> posting to Reddit, HN, etc. for a bit. And if there is
> anything that seems to be missing, or you'd like to find
> a spot for something you've been working, let me know.
> So thanks to all of you for the great discussion over
> the years! It's been a lot fun and I've learned a ton.
> Finally, many thanks to Alex, not only for helping me
> better understand the wiki and put it back together,
> but for PicoLisp in general.
> Cheers y'all,
> Erik

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