Hi Richard,

> works thus far.
> One problem that I notice is that the UI gets totally confused with both the
> device back arrow and the PilBox own back/forward arrows. Device back arrow
> apparently exits the app.

Right. This is the standard Android behavior of the device back arrow, and I did
not change it. I think this is fine, as for navigation we already have the
"back" and "forward" buttons.

> When the blue arrows are used it seems like UI pages are displayed in their
> old state so after a while the blue arrows navigate between totally 
> inconsistent
> and obsolete set of pages.

Really? I did not observe this.

It is true that the PicoLisp GUI in general keeps the state of all forms (up to
the last 99 forms) in a list, and restores them upon "back" (and the same in an
analog way upon "forward"). So "old state" is correct.

However, I do not understand what you mean with "totally inconsistent and
obsolete set of pages". Can you explain?

♪♫ Alex

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