On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:27:45PM +0100, Richard Z wrote:
> > I won't think so, as this animation is driven by JavaScript (the '(+Click 
> > +Auto
> > +Button) in "demo/fields.l"), which stops as soon as the browser leaves the
> > page. Not sure what happens ...
> you are right, after playing with it a bit more it seems to be the "canvas"
> demo. Tapping it does seemingly nothing but afterwards everything is dead 
> slow.

Hmm, strange. The canvas is also driven by JavaScript ...

I tried it here (on a 64-bit CPU) and see an increase in CPU activity only as
long as the "Forest Fire" is running in front. Then it is 60% - 90% (as opposed
to 5% - 10% when idle).

BTW, I test this with a split screen, Termux in one and PilBox in the other
window. In Termux I run a "cpu" script. In case somebody wants to try:

# 04nov17abu

(let Idle
      (in "/proc/stat"
         (from "cpu0")
            (link (do 4 (read)))
            (NIL (from "cpu"))
            (char) ) ) )
   (until (key 1000)
      (in "/proc/stat"
         (from "cpu0")
         (for (L Idle  L  (cdr L))
            (let N (do 4 (read))
                  (align 4
                     (max 0 (- 100 (- N (car L)))) ) )
               (set L N) )
            (from "cpu")
            (char) ) )
      (prin "\r") ) )


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