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No, half a working day :).

Good.  That is a relief there is not some huge PLplot timing disparity
between the Linux and MinGW-w64/MSYS2 platforms.

That installation script should include a well-maintained list of packages that 
needed for PLplot testing (and general full use of PLplot on this platform by 
That list of packages should include the ones you currently have installed plus 
and "diffutils" (where the lack of prefix on these package names means you will 
installing from the "msys" repository of MinGW-w64/MSYS2), and either "mingw-
w64-x86_64-qt4" (preferably if your package installation allows that without 
since Qt4 is a more reliable library than Qt5 right now) or 

I checked the list of packages for "git", but there is nothing obvious that 
will bring git into the mix. According to Google hits, you should simply install git for 

I have Qt4 now in the installation, but not pyqt4 due to the lack of
"SIP" for this platform. The information on SIP for MinGW-w64 is a
trifle convoluted. That is for later.

It's great that you now have Qt4 installed.  Furthermore, the name of
the pyqt4 package you need to install is mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-sip
and its dependencies.  At least in Debian's case, the python3-sip
package and its dependencies are all you need, and I assume that is
also true of the mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-sip package which I found in
the list of MinGW-w64/MSYS2 packages in the "mingw64" repository given
at <http://repo.msys2.org/mingw/x86_64/>.  So since I found that
package you should probably install it immediately rather than trying
to remember this e-mail later, and that means even your noninteractive
testing would include a build test of our pyqt4 component.

However, assuming that pyqt4 builds in your noninteractive testing, if
you want to do run-time interactive testing of it later this week
(after I have made my final pre-5.13.0 change to wxwidgets), I
can show you how to limit your interactive comprehensive testing
to just our wxwidgets and pyqt4 components (as opposed to
the pure wxwidgets interactive test you ran last time).  But
if you want to continue to limit that interactive comprehensive
test to just wxwidgets before 5.13.0 is released that would be
fine as well.

You did not mention diffutils.  What is the installation status of that

Both the diffutils and git packages are in in the list of
MinGW-w64/MSYS2 packages in the "msys2" repository given at <http://repo.msys2.org/msys/x86_64/>. This repository package list is
quite different from the "mingw64" package list I used above, but
these two repositories are both part of the MinGW-w64/MSYS2 platform.

If only git and mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-sip are still missing from
your install, and the test is already running that's OK, and I would
just let it finish.  But if diffutils is also missing from your
install, that is a pretty serious deficiency (since that means your
comprehensive test misses the most important part of the test).  So
for that case, I would stop any test that is running, install all of
diffutils, git, and mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-sip, and start the test
again from scratch.

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